Winter Storm Preparation

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy


Lincoln and surrounding areas are expecting a mixture of freezing rain, snow and sleet.

The National Weather Service is predicting the heavier stuff to start Sunday and continue into Monday.

In any winter storm, preparation is the key to staying safe.

Truck loads of ice melt were dropped off at Ace Hardware, near 48th and Van Dorn, Friday afternoon.

The store manager told me it’s going out as fast as they’re bringing it in.

"It’s been a really busy day at the hardware store, we have gone thought pallets of ice melt, and it’s been tough to keep it stocked," Michael Gallagher, store manager said.

Store employees were handing out the mixture before they could even restock the shelves.

"If they say bad weather comes then you get ready for it you can’t wait till the last minute," Horst Hoffman, shopper, said.

On a much larger scale, the city is doing their part to keep roads safe.

Crews spent Thursday night into Friday morning treating roads with a brine mixture.

"We put the brine down ahead of the storm because it creates a layer that starts to melt the precipitation when it hits the ground. It gives us a little extra time after the precipitation starts to get our equipment out on the streets," Kyle Williams, Labor Supervisor, said.

They will have crews on standby this weekend and plan to have enough trucks out so all 20 routes are being treated as the storm hits.