Winter weather causing accidents in and around Lincoln

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

Freezing rain covers the Capital City this Thanksgiving night.

The icy leftovers created a dangerous travel day on the roads.

Lincoln Police confirm twenty-two accidents up to 8 p.m. Thursday night. The rain and below freezing temperatures combined to make things slick.,

One accident, covered on our 5 o’clock news, near the bridge at 6th and Adams sent one to the hospital.

Officials say two cars, traveling in opposite directions slid into each other. That’s when one car continued to slide into a person on the bridge who tried to get out and help.

That person was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

Another accident, was captured by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

They tweeted out an image showing a car crashed into a convenience store near Malcolm, near Highway 34.

City Public Works and Street Maintenance began a citywide deicing operation around 5 Thursday evening.

Official say 30 spreaders and tankers have been working throughout the city, focusing on bridges, arterials, overpasses and intersections.

They are prepared to continue deicing if conditions worsen.