Winter Weather Hits Lincoln

Winter weather is back again. Friday nights snow was the first of the season and while it wasn't much it made for a mess on area roads this Saturday morning.

The roads near at the bridge west first street and Old Cheney. At about six Saturday morning, a pick up truck slid on the bridge and went off into a ditch.

About two and a half hours later, at the other end of the bridge, the same thing. An S–U–V slid off the road into a another ditch.

Lancaster County Sheriff's deputy Jose Rodriguez says these two accident should serve as a warning for what's to come.

 “Just remember with the icy conditions its gonna make it more difficult to stop than on normal dry pavements so just be aware that your vehicles ability to stop is gonna be reduced,”Rodriguez said.

 The drivers were the only people in the vehicles. They did not have any serious injuries.