Winter Weather Predictions

It's just a few months away, but some are already talking winter.

So just how cold is it going to get?

The Farmers A;manac says it's going to be very, very frigid with lots of snow while the National Weather Service says its going to be a warmer than normal winter.

Our State Climatologist, Al Dutcher says, “based on what we've seen in the past, we're probably going to enter into the winter on a cool start only to see it warm up as the winter goes on.”

Why is that?

Dutcher says, “when you go from a La Nina to an El Nino, which we have done this year, typically we would expect to see above normal temps and particularly as we get into late January and the month of February.”

While nothings certain, here some things we do know, when it comes to eastern Nebraska, usually we're cooler than normal in September, warmer than normal in February, and the months of November and March don't see a lot of precipitation.

Outside of that, it's a coin flip.  Those are the things we know but even that is no a guarantee those events will occur.

For those wondering about the weather now, Dutcher says there's a good chance it'll freeze by the end of the month..

Usually, Lincoln gets it's first freeze mid-October.