With high heat on the way, People’s City Mission open 24/7 to everyone

With the forecast flirting with triple digits, the People’s City Mission is opening their doors to anyone who needs relief from the heat. 

Pastor Tom Barber says water, sunscreen, t-shirts and air conditioning are some of the things people can count on if they visit the Mission. 

"It’s a surprise," Pastor Tom said of the heat.

"We didn’t think it’d get this hot this fast. So we were kind of taken aback a bit."

Studies estimate as many as 5,000 people who are homeless in Lincoln. 

The high temperatures can be dangerous for those who have nowhere to go to get out of the sun.

"Most of our folks don’t have vehicles and they walk," Pastor Tom said.

"So there can be heat stroke, there are a lot of issues – sun burn – things like that. We have to give away a lot of water. And our appeal to the public is, if you want to donate water, boy, we could really use it right now."

Pastor Tom says as the temperatures rise, so to do the Mission’s expenses. 

He says costs go up anywhere from 15-20% during the summer months, and that extra donations are always welcome. 

Aside from cash, bottled water is a big need. 

A link to more information on how to donate can be found on the People’s City Mission’s website: http://pcmlincoln.org/.