Woman cited after car surfing incident

 Posted By: Camila Orti


The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office says a Lincoln woman was taken to the hospital after falling off her friend’s car while “car surfing.”

If you search “car surfing” on YouTube you’ll find plenty of videos.

“The act of standing on top of a moving vehicle to ride the wind has been around probably since they put tops on Model T’s,” Traffic safety instructor Hope Colt said.

On Wednesday, Lancaster County Sheriff’s deputies encountered what they believe to be their first “car surfing” incident. The sheriff’s office says they pulled a car over for speeding on Highway 77 just before 5 p.m. They say the driver, 24-year-old Rachel Ford, was taking her friend, 23-year-old Jamie Peterson, to the hospital. She told officers her passenger flew off the car and onto Rock Creek Road while “car surfing.”

“Another vehicle approached, she braked and her passenger, a 23-year-old Lincoln woman, fell off,” Sheriff Terry Wagner said.

Wagner says the woman was on the hood of the car when she fell, and she’s lucky she walked away with just scrapes and bruises to her elbows, stomach and palms.

The result could’ve been much worse. A 2008 CDC study indicates 58 people died as a result of car surfing between 1990 and 2008. Traffic safety instructor Hope Colt ironically remembers doing it herself as a teen.

“I fell once, I remember hitting the hood,” Colt said.

Her bottom line- don’t do it. Plus, she says it’s the driver that’ll get ticketed.

Deputies cited Ford for DUI. Investigators say other citations are possible.