Woman Dropped Off 15 Year Old Boy At Safe Haven

A 15 year old boy was dropped off at a Lincoln hospital in what may be the state's first use of the Safe Haven Law.

The Safe Haven Law is new to Nebraska this year.

It allows parents to drop off unwanted children at a hospital with no questions asked.

In most other states, it refers only to babies, but Nebraska's law is unique.

In Nebraska, children 19 and under can be dropped off at any hospital under the Safe Haven law.

And on Saturday, a 15 year old boy was dropped off by his aunt, at Bryan LGH West with all of belongings.

Authorities say the  44 year old woman became his legal guardian after his mother died a few years ago.

The woman said she couldn't deal with the teenager's behavior any longer, so she dropped him off.

Police say they contacted the Nebraska Department of Health and Human services, who later placed the child in protective custody.

They say the child had no sign of physical abuse so no charges will be filed.

But there are many who feel the law is problematic and say this case only solidifies their concerns.

The executive director of the Nebraska Children's Home Society, Karen Authier, issued a statement saying:

“This child is old enough to know what's happening to them, it's a big concern and we believe there are better solutions.”

Health and human services also released a statement today saying, in this case, this is not what the law is intended to do, it's for children that are in immediate danger.