Woman Makes Amazing Recovery

A Lincoln woman was nearly killed in a pedestrian accident on a highway in northern Iowa.

Now only two months later, she's sharing her remarkable story of recovery.

Heather Marquis almost lost her life after stopping to help someone else in need.

37-year-old Marquis was at the Mayo Clinic two montsh ago.

She says she flew up in the air and the car spun three times.

Heather had stopped to help a young teen who hit and killed a puppy.

After dialing 911 several times to get help for the animal, she had no idea the call she was making would be the one that saved her own life.

She had an amazing recovery considering doctors lost Heather twice in surgery.

She suffered broken bones, head trauma and bleeding.

She also damaged her internal organs, a collasped lung and shattered teeth.

Now, Heather is finishing her therapy at Madonna Rehabilitation Center here in Lincoln.

Now, a medical fund has been set up for Heather at West Gate Banks across town.

There will also be a benefit concert for her put on by the Jim Rice Band in May.

To donate, make chaecks payable to Heather Marquis medical fund at any West Gate Bank.

The benefit concert is May 18th from 8 to 12 p.m at the Playmore.