Woman Reunites With Sisters After 47 Years

After 47 years of believing her parents died in a car crash, a woman reunites for the first time with her long lost family right here in Lincoln.

Linda Butera-Severt just found out she has seven biological brothers.   

Wednesday her seven siblings waited at the Lincoln airport.  

They had tears in their eyes even before seeing their long lost sister walk off the plane and into their arms.   

Linda Butera-Severt feels like she's living in a movie.   

She was adopted at birth, and now lives in Las Vegas.   

Recently, she found out the truth about her past.   

She had been given up for adoption by a couple who had been going through hard times.

Her siblings range in age from 39 to 50.   

Linda is the third oldest of the eight siblings.   

Her sisters say Linda's voice sounds just like their mother's, who passed away six years ago.

Christine Foote is Linda's younger sister.   

She says their Mother told them a long time ago that they had a sibling living somewhere in the United States.

They would even celebrate Linda's birthday.

Linda says once she found out about her biological family.

She remembers the first phone call to her sister Sheryl.   

She had finally found the missing family member she'd been searching for for so long.   

Linda says she and Sheryl have similar personalities.   

Linda's quick to add that she doesn't hold any grudges against her adoptive parents for giving her up.   

Two of Linda's sisters live in Council Bluffs.   

Thursday are having an early Thanksgiving dinner for the first time with the entire family.