Woman robs computer store with stolen credit card

By: Sabrina Ahmed

Last week, a woman walked into a computer store and walked out with a brand new Mac Book Pro and an iPad.  If the items aren't recovered, the store is out thousands of dollars.

when the woman walked up to the counter at Computer Hardware, Inc., she had an I. D. to match the credit card.  Even then, manager Jeremiah Tripp knew something was off.

“Red flags kinda everywhere, looking back on it now,” Tripp said.

She bought a Mac Book computer and an iPad.  The woman was in and out in minutes, and spent thousands of dollars.  That's something Tripp says he rarely ever sees.

“We'll spend anywhere between a half hour and 45 minutes with a customer about questions, so it was very abnormal,” he said.

An hour after the woman left, Tripp got a call from the owner of the credit card.  She told Tripp her purse was stolen from a grocery store. She turned away from her cart and her bag was gone.

“It was within 30–45 minutes from her realizing the card was gone to the time that she was going online and seen the transactions placed on her account.”

The credit card holder told Tripp he was one of 12 stores hit by the thief, using various credit cards the woman found in the victim's wallet.

Tripp said, at this point, the store considers the money a loss.  The only way for them to get anything back is if the items are recovered.

Tripp said, while this is a very unfortunate thing to happen, there isn't really anything he could have done to prevent it.  Now, the only thing he can ask for is justice to be served.

“it would just make a lot of us feel better if she's caught at the end of the day,” he said. 

The employees at the store say they will be more cautious when it comes to checking I'd's, but they trust their clientele.

They say this isn't something they ever thought would happen, and hope it never does again.