Woman Takes Advantage Of Hurricane Help

A Lincoln woman has been ticketed for fraud after she claimed to be a victim of Hurricane Katrina. Police say Dana Thompson, a resident of the People City Mission, went to the Red Cross claiming to be a victim. After checking her Mississippi ID, they gave her a debit card with a thousand dollars. Local Red Cross officials were disappointed to hear that someone would take advantage of the tragic situation. Police say Thompson has been living in Lincoln since early August. They say she bragged to others in the mission.  By that time, police say Thompson had already spent close to 300 dollars. Workers at the mission are dissapointed to hear what happened, but they are glad their people came forward. The Red Cross says they work hard to screen everyone before giving out the debit card, but because Thompson had ID from Mississppi she was able to obtain one.  As a result of the fraud, Thompson is no longer living at the mission.