Update: Woman transported after being hit by car in crosswalk


Lincoln police say 32-year-old Halley Hansen of Lincoln remains in life threatening condition as of right now.

Hansen was hit by a driver while crossing at a crosswalk at A street and Capital Parkway.

The driver has not been cited, and the driver told police he had a flashing yellow arrow to turn left, and turned when there was a break in traffic.

The driver didn’t see Hansen, until she was right in front of the car.

Captain Todd Kocian of the Lincoln Police Department says, "It appears right now the car was traveling west and turning onto A street when the victim, who was walking east to west crossed the street and was hit."

Again, no citations have been issued.


A young woman was hit by a car Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of A Street and Normal Boulevard.

She was transported to a local hospital, but her condition is unknown at this time

A witness told Channel 8 Eyewitness News that the woman was in a crosswalk and had a walk signal at the time she was hit. 

The driver of the car who hit the woman did stop, and as of Tuesday afternoon no citation have been written. 

Lincoln Police are investigating the incident.