Woman who killed husband, daughter and self was drinking

Tests show a 45-year-old woman who killed her husband and 12-year-old daughter before setting fire to their farmhouse near Ithaca and killing herself had been drinking but had not taken drugs.

Saunders County Attorney Scott Tingelhoff says no evidence of drugs was found in the body of Toni Hindman. Nor were drugs found in the bodies of the people she stabbed to death in February: her 47-year-old husband, Tim, and her daughter, Ardena. 

Tingelhoff says blood samples drawn a day after the deaths showed Toni Hindman's level was 0.12 percent, which would have been beyond the legal limit for driving. Tim Hindman's blood had half the legal limit. Tingelhoff said previously that Toni Hindman was being treated for depression. She bought the hunting knife the day before the killings. 

The Hindman's lived in Lincoln before moving to Ithaca.  Tim stilled worked at Duncan Aviation and the couple lost another child to cancer a few years ago.