Woman scammed online, loses thousands

By: Cole Miller

It's a love story that doesn't have a happy ending. A 54-year-old Raymond woman is scammed out of thousands of dollars.

The online dating website claims to be the “Most Romantic Social Network.” Happy couples seen enjoying life on the homepage. But for one Raymond woman, her match was anything but “perfect.”

“The man told her that he was a civil engineer and that he traveled internationally a great deal,” Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner said.

The two exchanged emails and text messages, but never met face to face. Wagner says he then began asking the woman for money.

“She began wiring him money back August of 2012,” Wagner said.

Wagner says the man gained her trust, promising to pay her back after his mother passed away and getting big inheritance. It turns out everything he said was false. Now, the woman is out nearly $27,000.

“She's worried about her credit and so on and so forth,” Wagner said. “So, yeah, she is very devastated by it.”

Wagner says most of the money was wired overseas. The chance of getting any of it back is not very good.

“The bottom line here is international money transfer, unless you know the person on the other end very well, are very, very risky and the chance of recovering the money if it's fraudulent is zero,” Wagner said. 
Wagner says this scam follows similar ones, usually someone is asking for money to pay taxes. He says the minute you see a red flag, get in touch with authorities.