Women’s Commission May Be Forced To Close

The Lincoln-Lancaster Women's Commission could be just a few months away from extinction. Last Thursday the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners voted to cut off its half of the funding for the organization, some $95,000. Without that money, the commission won't be able to operate. Supporters rallied for the cause Sunday.

Armed with signs and a message, supporters of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Women's Commission gathered on the steps of the County-City Building to be heard. But the commission fears their voice is fading…they would be replaced, by silence.  That's because the $180,000 in funds needed to stay open next year won't be there.

As part of interlocal agreement for the past 30 years, the commission has been funded by both the city council and the county board. But now, the board has chose to stop paying. County board member Bob Workman says the county's high taxes has forced them to do away with organizations like the women's commission.

The president of the women's commission, Tami Soper, says its sad women's issues could be trampled because of budget concerns. She says its common for things like women and children's programs to be cut first.

Supporters will try to convince county board members to change their mind at their next meeting.  If it fails, the women's commission says they would be forced to close by the end of May.