Workers inspect State Fair rides for safety

Posted by: Rachel Hofstra

There have been a lot of amusement park ride accidents in the in the news lately and today we caught up with the ride inspectors at the Nebraska State Fair to find out how they are keeping you safe.

Dean Shelley with the Wagner Consulting group showed us the ins and outs of inspecting fair grounds–getting ready for opening day on Friday.

"We’re going to walk around and make sure all of our fasteners are in here and here," Shelley said, showing how he checks every nut and bolt to ensure the safety of each passenger. The taller rides, such as the chair lift, requires more complicated methods.

"We’ll put our harness on, get in the basket and we will go to each station and check our safety devices," he said.

Each ride gets checked three times prior to the fair opening, and they are inspected every day after that.

"We want everyone to come out to the fair and have a wonderful and safe experience and that’s what we’re here for," Shelley said. "I inspect this ride personally like my two daughters are going to get on this ride and when we say it’s okay to ride it’s okay for my two daughters to get on it."

Another inspection team is from the Department of Labor.

"Our goal is to make sure the rides are as safe as possible, that all the components are in good working order," said Grace Johnson with the department. "Everything we do is about rider safety and to make sure they have a good experience."

And all of the workers encourage you to come out and see a variety of new rides this year including one of the tallest mobile roller coasters. The fair starts Friday and runs through labor day.