Working on Christmas, but thankful

Despite working on a holiday, the men and women at Lincoln Fire and Rescue say they have a lot to be thankful for.

"We’re not the only ones working. We know our law enforcement brothers and sisters are out there. We have military overseas. We’re fortunate enough to be here at home with our families. Knowing that, it takes a little bit of the sting away from being away from our family," said Battalion Chief Leo Benes.

Battalion chief Leo Benes knows that this might be his last Christmas working with fire and rescue.

"This year is a little bittersweet because this is my last year working the firehouse on Christmas day. I will retire in September of this year so this is my last opportunity to work with the men and women that I work with every day here on Christmas day," said Benes.

Firefighter Danny Scharff says he remains thankful due to the outpouring of support that the fire department receives from the community.

"It’s amazing the support that we get. Not even on holidays but the holidays that we do have to work we have a whole table full of great food up there and thank you letters and cards and everything so that makes a real big difference," said Scharff.

Being a First Responder is something that the fire department takes a lot of pride in.

the family atmosphere at the fire station really helps matters as well.

"This is my second family. The fire department is my second family. The men and women overseas, they are gone months years at a time. I get to go home tomorrow morning, so my hat is off to them," said Scharff.

In order to have the best of both worlds, Lincoln fire and rescue invited family members to come and have lunch with the fire station.