World Tour at Sheridan Elementary School

Posted By: Nolan Crane

After months of research, third graders at Sheridan Elementary School in Lincoln have set up their classrooms for visitors to take a world tour. Here’s Wednesday, March elevenths “Excellence in Education.”

If you spend enough time in this classroom you might forget where you are. Flags from Sweden and England as well as money from other countries are some of the ways students are learning about the world. Each student also wrote a four page report and learned important facts to inform visitors about the country they selected.

“I learned that they call their British Guards, Red Jackets and they usually eat marmalade with their tea and food,” says Boston Mayer.

“I chose to study Norway because my mom lived in Norway and I just wanted to research it because I just wanted to learn more about where my mom visited for like a few years and stuff like that,” says Lucy Cogan.

“We talk a lot in their reports about how their school here in the united states is maybe the same or different then schools in other countries. So hopefully it also kind of raises their awareness of connections that they have throughout the world,” says Abby Beatty.

This is the second year teachers at Sheridan Elementary School have held this World Tour. They say they’re grateful for everyone who showed up and showed interest in their students projects.