YMCA Offers Classes to Prevent Child Drownings

30% of accidental deaths in small children are drownings and this number has hit home to many Lincoln families this summer.

In the last few months, 2 Lincoln children have lost their lives at home pools and 2 others had close calls.

Now, community groups around Lincoln are getting involved.

Several community groups are teaming up in an effort to educate adults and their children how to avoid possible drownings.

Summer is a time for fun and for hundreds of families, it's a time to slap on the sunscreen and head to the pool.

But as many people splash around, the dangers the pool brings lurk quietly below the water.

Children ages 1 to 4 are dying from drowning in pools and lakes and even bathtubs.

Safe Kids Lincoln-Lancaster County is now offering water watcher drowning prevention classes.

The class teaches people requirements for having a home pool, it gives examples of unsafe floating toys and how to tell if the life jacket your child wears is actually life saving.

Water safety officials say the number one way to avoid a child drowning is constant supervision.

If you would like to take one of these classes, more have been scheduled in the coming months.

You can contact the YMCA or call the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department at 441-8045.