York food pantry destroyed in fire

Posted By: Camila Orti


An early morning fire caused thousands of dollars in damage to a York nonprofit organization.

The York Fire Dept. was dispatched to a fire at the Blue Valley Community Action building at 4 a.m. Saturday. Fire officials say the front of the building was engulfed in flames when they arrived, and the fire burned through the nonprofit’s fully stocked food pantry.

“It’s destroyed, things are melted, there’s nothing to be salvaged in there,” Family and Community Services Director Ardith Hoins said.

Hoins estimates more than 10,000 pounds of food will have to be thrown away.

“Many individuals and families in the York area depend on that to get through and to make their income stretch,” Hoins said.

More than 120 families use the organization’s food program in the York area, and even more shop in the thrift store, but Hoins says extensive smoke and water damage will close that down temporarily, too.

“Everything would need to be laundered, cleaned, sanitized,” Hoins said.

Layers of soot can be found on the other side of the building, far from where the flames were isolated.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office says the blaze started outside the building in the covered entrance, but they’re still investigating the cause. Although damage will force the building to stay closed, Hoins says Blue Valley will continue to offer services as best they can.

“If somebody is in dire need, for Heavens sakes come to us and we will take care of it in some way,” Hoins said.

Hoins says the center will be needing food and cash donations. The location is one of nine Blue Valley partnerships in the state that provides a wide range of programs and assistance to veterans, the homeless, and needy families.