You Could Be Seeing Higher Numbers On Your Electric Bill As Soon As This Summer

Last year, the city council approved a 3-percent rate hike for L-E-S customers, and another 3-percent raise was expected for this year. But now, officials with the Lincoln Electric System say they'll be requesting a hike three times that size. If L-E-S's request is approved, you can expect your monthly electric bill to go up by about 9-percent. L-E-S says rising costs leave them with no other option, but for many customers, it's one more hit to an already stretched monthly budget.  L-E-S representatives say costs are rising, so they have to pass those costs on to you. Many customers say with gas prices as high as they are, it's tough to find more ways to cut their budgets. Other factors driving up L-E-S costs range from high natural gas prices to the draught in Wyoming where their main plant is located. So this July, they'll go before the city council to request that increase, and judging from the fight over last year's 3-percent raise, it won't be an easy sell. 

 L-E-S says that 9-percent increase would translate into about 4 dollars a month for the average customer. They say the bulk of the burden would fall on industrial customers, who could see rates go up by as much as 12-percent. L-E-S will be holding a public hearing on the rate increase. It will be june 9th at 7pm at the L-E-S service center. That's located at 27th and Fairfield.