10 LPS Schools considered low performing

Three more Lincoln Public Schools may be losing their principals. That's because if they want federal dollars, it could come with a price tag. Three Lincoln high schools, 6 elementary and one middle school. The Nebraska Department of Education say they are amongst the lowest performing in the state.

Now federal funding may be coming their way, but if it does, some schools like Lincoln High right here may have a new leader in the front office. Shari Huchison's son, goes to Elliott elementary school. “I'm not necessarily surprised and I'm not sure it's due to the teachers effort at all,” Hutchison said.

She's not surprised Elliot tops the list of 10 Lincoln Public Schools, the States Department of Education calls low achieving based on reading and math scores.  Also on the list Culler middle school along with Belmont, Prescott, Everett, Saratoga and West Lincoln elementary schools.

The three remaining, Lincoln High, Northeast and Northstar. All of the schools are eligible to receive federal funding to help boost performance. But if the three high schools and Elliot accept that funding, they'll be forced to also replace their principals.

Assistant Superintendent Marilyn Moore tells us, right now the only school she's confident will apply for funding is Elliot. “Of the nine schools that are listed in the Tier One Elliott would be one of the larger schools so I think we would be writing for a grant that would be in excess of a million dollars perhaps up to five million dollars,” Dr. Moore said.

And Elliott is where some action has already been taken. Principal De Ann Currin has already agreed to be reassigned next year. Hutchison told us, she welcomes more funding for Elliot and she commends Currin for doing her part to help make that happen. “I think I speak for the parents here when I say that it's a difficult decision and Dr. Currin really took one for the team in order to get some money to come in to Elliott,” Hutchison said.

One thing Moore wanted us to point out. The federal funding available will go to the more needy schools around the state, like Elliott first. There is a chance some of the other schools like Lincoln High, may not even apply for it. The application are due at the end of June and the decisions are expected to come later in the summer.