11-year-old runs the extra mile for Herrera family

A heartwarming story of an 11-year-old who did something very nice for the Herrera family.
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A heartwarming story of an 11-year-old who did something very nice for the Herrera family.

Meet Zechariah Cartledge from Orlando, Florida.

He runs one mile for every first responder across the country who makes the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

He started the non-profit “Running 4 Heroes” in January of last year. Since then, he’s run over 620 miles for them. Today, it was for Officer Mario Herrera.

“I never want to have to run again because it’s for a fallen hero,” says Cartledge.

During this run for Mario, others local law enforcement joined in for support, but most importantly, Mario’s brother and sister were there. They live near Orlando.

Zechariah, presenting them with the flag he carried during the run.

“I’d like to present you this flag. I’d say this every single time; it’s not often when a family member comes out to the runs. When they do, this was fairly recent September 7th when he passed away, two days ago, not that long ago. They’re going to be changed forever. He wasn’t supposed to die this way, unfortunately, he did,” says Cartledge.

Zechariah has run for fallen first responders in 40-45 states and has run for a couple in Nebraska before Mario.

“It really lets me know that what I’m doing is helping many people,” says Cartledge.

And for what he’d say to Nebraskans and to Herrera’s family?

“I just want everybody up in Nebraska to know that, even though we’re thousands of miles away in Florida, we still want them to know that we’ll never forget your local hero. I know he also had a wife and four children, so I want them to know, through this run I hope they find a comfort,” says Cartledge.

His organization, Running 4 Heroes, goes to a different place in the U.S. each month and gives $7,500 to an injured first responder.

They rely on donations to pay for that, and to pay for the flags they give to families. If you would like to donate to their cause, visit their website: Running4heroes.org


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