12-year-old organizes local shoe drive

Posted by: Abigail Wood


Lincoln middle schooler Khami Itzen is collecting shoes at a rapid rate, but they’re not for her. 

She turns 12 in a week, and instead of getting presents, she wants to give others shoes.

"There are other people in the world that can use them," she said.

Khami’s collection will go to Soles for Souls, and organization that hands shoes out to people in need. No flip flops or dress shoes, please. Just new or gently-used footwear practical for daily life.

"They’re not really wearing them for style, they’re wearing them for protection," she said.

Khami’s parents say they were humbled when she came to them with the idea, but not shocked.

"She’s very genuine, outgoing, very smart," said her mother, Kia Itzen. "She’s just got a giving heart."

They’ve set up a Facebook page where people can give, and have been helping Khami pick up donations since January. The last official day of the shoe drive will be March 11th, Khami’s birthday, but they want to encourage people who don’t donate by then to still help Soles for Souls.

If you’re interested in giving, here’s the Itzen email where you can organize a shoe drop off: kiaitzen76@gmail.com