$3.6 million grant will give Nebraska nursing students experience as school nurses

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A multimillion-dollar grant has been awarded to the Nebraska Department of Health of Human Services to train more nurses.

Through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Nebraska has received $3.6 million as part of the COVID-19 Crisis Response Cooperative Agreement.

Those funds will go, in part, to the Nebraska Nursing Student School Health Initiative. The initiative aims to bring nursing students without work to K-12 schools as health staff.

DHHS said the program will provide these nurses with real-world experience and opportunities while improving the health of students and families.

“By providing opportunities for nursing students across the state to learn valuable skills within public schools before they graduate, we are able to enrich their learning experience and expose them to a setting they may not have previously considered for their future careers,” state epidemiologist Dr. Matthew Donahue said in a press release.

The nursing students would be assigned to a variety of schools across the state and would stay for at least one semester.

During their stay, each student will learn through experience in a school setting, and DHHS will also offer trainings and seminars for participants.

Three Nebraska nursing programs plan to send groups of students out this semester. In future semesters, DHHS hopes to integrate more programs and schools.

For more information on the Nebraska Nursing Student School Health Initiative, you can visit the DHHS’s website.

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