First COVID-19 vaccine tested in U.S. shows promise

One company aims to distribute millions of coronavirus vaccines by 2021

A coronavirus vaccine being developed in the U.S. is ready to move on to the final stages.  That’s according to the New England Journal of Medicine, who published results of the vaccine’s “phase-one” trial on Tuesday.

Developed by the biotechnology company Moderna, the results showed the vaccine triggered an immune response in all 45 volunteers who received it.

Also, the levels of antibodies were similar to those of patients who naturally recovered from the virus.

Only mild side effects were seen, including fatigue, chills, and muscle pain.

The next step? Later this month, the vaccine will undergo “phase-three” of the trial.

From there, regulators will decide whether or not to approve it.

Although, it does show promise, the earliest consumers will be seeing this vaccine is next year.

On Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci speculated “as we get into the year of 2021, the companies who are involved in making the vaccines promised, that we’ll have many doses. To the tune of a couple hundred million. If that’s one company with a couple hundred million, another company feels that within a year they could have a few hundred million up to a billion”.

Moderna says it will be ready to deliver up to a billion doses a year, starting in 2021.

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