’67 waterfalls’: Mom and daughter duo travel the nation

PIPESTONE COUNTY, Minn. (ABC) — After her preschool closed due to COVID-19, a Minnesota 5-year-old reached her goal to see 67 waterfalls.

Wynn Radke fell in love with waterfalls after seeing her first one two years ago. So when the pandemic hit, she asked her mom to go on an adventure.

“Being 5, she said, ‘I want to see 67 waterfalls,'” mom Colleen Radke told “Good Morning America.” “I said, ‘Sure, we’ll see six or seven.'”

When Minnesota extended its lockdown and Radke didn’t go back to work, she and Wynn set out to chase waterfalls. They saw waterfalls all over their home state and some in Wisconsin.

Wynn completed her goal from March to August — ending her chase at Winnewissa Falls at Pipestone National Monument in Pipestone County, Minnesota, holding a sign and wearing a smile.

“We had some much fun doing us, being us and camping,” Radke said. “Even time in the car, jamming [to] music.”

Wynn returned to school July 28, where she was welcomed with balloons and congratulated for reaching her goal.

She’s headed to kindergarten in the fall for hybrid learning.

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