‘A breach of trust’: One Lincoln Leader is pushing for more visibility in law enforcement



Lancaster County Commissioner Sean Flowerday is calling for body cameras in our Sheriff’s Office (LSO).

“Frankly, I think it’s an investment in public trust,” said Commissioner Flowerday. “My district, district number one, was on fire last weekend and the cause of that fire was crushing systemic racism. This is the first step that I intend to take to try and combat some of these issues”.

LSO has looked into this technology before. In fact, they have been setting aside money annually to save up for these cameras.

“It helps us to ensure accountability and resolve complaints quickly,” said John Vik, with the LSO Professional Standards Division. “It also provides the public with some reassurance that LSO Deputies do things the right way”.

But, in light of the recent protests, Commissioner Flowerday hopes to fast track these cameras.

“Clearly there has been a breach of trust here and clearly we need to start mending that fissure. I think body cameras are the right thing, to start, for our community,” said Commissioner Flowerday.

The body camera initiative will be discussed on Thursday, June 11th.

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