A day after Nashville shooting, Nebraska senators advance permitless concealed carry

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Just a day after six people were killed in a school shooting, including three children, a permitless concealed carry bill advanced in the Nebraska Legislature.

The Legislature voted 31-10 to send the bill to the third and final round of debate.

Sen. Tom Brewer’s bill would allow you to carry a gun under clothing or inside a vehicle without having to pay for a permit or even take a gun safety course.

His proposal also overrides stricter gun laws that cities like Lincoln have in place.

Lincoln’s police chief has said Brewer’s measure will make our city less safe.

Right now, 25 other states have such a law, often referred to as constitutional carry.

After Monday’s mass shooting in Nashville, the bill has received attention from many. Some are concerned of the effects a bill like this could have in Nebraska. 

“It’s so unfortunate to have the day after another school shooting,” said Sen. Jane Raybould of Lincoln. “It’s unconceivable that we have to deal with this type of bill that relax our gun safety laws.” 

But Brewer said his bill has nothing to do with schools’ security.

“The bill doesn’t really change anything as far as the requirement to do a background check,” he said. “The pistol permit requirement is still there, so all this does is the ability to carry the weapon.” 

The Nebraska Firearms Owners Association hosted a private event in support of Legislative Bill 77 at the Nebraska Republican Party headquarters. 

A protester showed up outside, speaking against pro-gun bills. 

“The GOP bills are killing everybody, all over the U.S.,” Judy King said. “It needs to stop.” 

The bill is in the second round of debate. If senators vote to advance it, it will still need to pass one more round.

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