A Lincoln grad holds drive-through celebration in honor of her and a family member

A Lincoln graduate is celebrating graduation in 2020, overcoming suicide depression and graduating in memory of her brother.


A Lincoln graduate is celebrating a graduation in 2020, overcoming suicide, depression, and graduating in memory of her brother.

Family and friends rallied behind Shayla Sadowski to celebrate graduation with a car and card parade.
“Now COVID has taken this from me so it hurts a lot more than it should, but it hurts,” says Sadowski.
Shayla, like many seniors didn’t get the chance to walk the stage to celebrate. It was an occasion she and her family were looking forward to because Shayla wanted to walk in honor of her older brother who passed from Pneumonia before he could graduate.

“She was bound and determined to walk that stage for both of them and then COVID came along and kind of took that away from her,” says Dee Dee Salinas Sadowski. “But we are gonna do the best that we can and it is still a major celebration.”

Shayla battled bullying, depression, and suicide attempts through high school but turned a new leaf, winning a pageant title. Then she volunteers to help those who are in similar situations and achieved good grades.
“I guess a saying I live by is your past cannot define your future,” says Sadowski. “So, just live in the present don’t dwell on the past just keep charging forward.”
“She has come through this a better person and she’s ready to take on the world,” adds her mother.

And Shayla’s positive message to the seniors of 2020?
“But it won’t be like this forever,” sais Sadowski. “This is the rock we’ve hit know but it’s not gonna stand in the way. You don’t have to push it you can climb over the rock still or you can climb over. Whatever it is you don’t have to hack at it you can find ways around it.”


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