A Lincoln woman’s taxes are filed for her, by mistake

Ashley Heise went to file her taxes, only to find out they were already done!

“It was a young man who has the same social security number as I do but, one number off,” said Heise

At first she assumed thieves had gotten a hold of her information and filed her taxes before she did, in order to get her refund. She contacted LPD, who found after further investigation, that it was just a mistake.

Turns out, a Lincoln business had an employee with a very similar social security number, but had accidentally entered her’s.

Heise said it says it delayed her getting her taxes done and added a lot of stress to her life.

“It’s just kinda affecting me now because I am a parent and that’s something that I rely on every month, because I live paycheck to paycheck and it’s just gonna take longer for me to get it”.

Heise said officers told her it’s very rare for two people to have almost identical social security numbers. Thankfully, a stop was put on the wrong return. While, both she and the employee will have to re-file their taxes.



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