A mother faces eviction as eviction suspensions may soon expire

A mother of four faces eviction after trying everything she can to pay rent and stay healthy.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)– A mother of four faces eviction after trying everything she can to pay rent and stay healthy.
“I do know how to fight and you know get resources and things like that but it’s very stressful when you might lose that stability or will lose that stability,” said India Rahman.
Rahman’s doctor ordered her to stay home when the pandemic began as she has underlying health conditions. When she got behind on rent, Rahman reached out to Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach for help.

“Having an eviction on your background is a really bad thing to have to happen,” said Amanda Owen Doerr, MTKO homeless diversion. “It’s very hard to get a house here in the state of Nebraska.”
They helped Rahman get legal aid through the CDC to help her catch up on rent. But she still can get evicted because her landlord says so.

“Unfortunately, I have a landlord that is not so friendly,” said Rahman. Wants me out after they’re going to pay the rent the back went into January. So I’m assuming about $4,000 that they will be paid but they still want me and my family out.”
The governor said on Wednesday, he does not plan to extend eviction suspensions.
“We have a 3% unemployment rate which is really where we were before. I don’t anticipate that we wouldn’t be accepted that,” said Gov. Pete Ricketts.
“These people were in the service industry, other industries that just shut down. So, yes, I absolutely think it should be extended. But also, you know, there needs to be something in place more than what is currently available to landlords who are who are suffering a financial loss as well. “
Rahman says she returned to work because she needed the money, now she fears she has covid and is showing symptoms.
Owen-Doerr says there is help if you are facing eviction during the pandemic.
“Most important thing if you’re being faced with eviction is to sign the CDC declaration form that you can find on the website for the CDC and get that to your landlord,” said Owen-Doerr. “Now if the eviction still is processed, the person in question who’s being evicted has got to show up at court because legal aid is there to provide representation for people that show up on the day of eviction.“
Matt Talbott is helping Rahman find another home as she plans to leave and hopes for peace for herself and her children.

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