A pastor lives like the homeless for 24 hours for fundraiser

For the 4th time, one of Lincoln's favorite pastors is living on the streets.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — For the 4th time, one of Lincoln’s favorite pastors is living on the streets.

It’s to promote the fight against hunger in the Capitol City.

The People’s City Mission has changed their location still in downtown Lincoln but more so in the heart of the Haymarket hoping to get people to sign up for a subscription to help feed the homeless.

“We’re out here today to just promote and call attention to the homeless and folks on the street that had to actually live here day after day,” said Pastor Tom Barber. “We have a little program called 251 and what it is, is if we’re asking folks if they would consider funding one meal for one homeless person once a month.”

The People’s City Mission is hosting its 24 hours On the Street fundraiser near 8th and P streets. It is a bit closer to the restaurants and they are hoping to reach more people.

Pastor Tom does not eat or sleep for a full 24-hour cycle. He says each year it gets a bit harder as he gets older.

“I do drink water and pop but that’s it,” said Pastor Tom. “It’s my fourth time and then I go home and I crash. I get up and then I’ll eat. So it’s a long haul.”

He says $2.51 can buy a meal for someone in need and if around 20,000 people give, the Mission can feed most of the homeless in Lincoln. People can donate at the tent or on their website, Only251.org.

“There they can click on a donate button,” said Pastor Tom. “It will collect $2.51 from them for 12 months and if we can get enough people doing that we actually feed most of the homeless here in the city.”

Again the pastor will be in the Haymarket for 24 hours until 1 p.m. until Saturday. You can also buy a $20 shirt, that donation goes to the Peoples City Mission. For more information, click here.

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