A sister speaks out, Nebraskan farmer and his family battle COVID

"I never ever thought my 31-year-old brother would end up in the ICU intubated, and here we are," said Bond.

LINCOLN, Neb., (KLKN)– “I never ever thought my 31-year-old brother would end up in the ICU intubated, and here we are,” said Bond.
Esther Bond talks about her brother, Jake Immink, a farm owner in Endicott who caught the virus.
She says Jake was a healthy farmer who stubbornly ignored the signs, then began making mistakes on the farm. Bond is a nurse and pushed for her parents to check Jake’s oxygen levels with an oximeter. His levels were so low they took him to the emergency room.
She said soon after, her parents tested positive and were both put in the hospital.
“I have been urging people to go out and buy an oximeter,” said Bond. “Like that has saved Jake’s life, saved, three of my other family members’ life.”
Her brothers from out of state came to tend the family ranch, wiping down equipment and social distancing, still, her younger brother ben caught the virus.
“November 17th, my mom was discharged from the hospital and actually, my brother ben took over her room,” said Bond. “So he’s been there since the 17th and he’s still there. Now, so it’s crazy having. Now, like, at one time had four family members in the hospital, getting updates on all of them.”
Jake is still in the hospital and now on a ventilator. Bond says she and her husband tested positive and join the eight family members fighting to recover from COVID.

“I strongly urge people to wash their hands, wear a mask, watch your distance, stay home like honestly,” said Bond. “I know the holidays are coming up. But the best thing to do is to stay home and protect yourself and everyone else in the community.
The family has a gofundme to help with the farm and medical expenses, to help visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-immink-family.

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