Actor George Clooney To Shoot Film In Nebraska

Academy Award-winning actor George Clooney will be in Omaha this spring to film a new movie titled “Up in the Air.'' The movie is based on a novel written by Walter Kirn about a traveling corporate downsizer obsessed with collecting his one-millionth frequent flier mile.

The main character, played by Clooney, endures some quirky twists and turns on his journey. Clooney won the Oscar for best supporting actor in 2006 for his role in “Syriana.'' He was nominated for a best actor Oscar last year for his role in “Michael Clayton.''

He is expected to be in Omaha this spring for three days. The movie will be directed by Jason Reitman, who also directed “Juno.'' Reitman and his crew have been in Omaha several times scouting locations.