After week of their lives, Josh Swain and Little Josh look to the future

Josh Swain says there's potential for Josh Fight 2.0 and Little Josh's father wants to use this opportunity to help his son go to college.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – After having the week of his life last week at the Josh Fight, organizer Josh Swain is looking forward.

He is set to graduate from the University of Arizona and already has a job lined up as a research assistant.

“I have a family reunion, and then I’m going to travel for a little bit before I start work,” Swain said.

Will there be another Josh Fight? Swain says it won’t be easy to pull off, but he’s open to the possibility.

“It’s kind of like asking, ‘Hey, do you want to do a blind half-court shot again?’ It’s like, ‘Yeah, I mean, that would be awesome,'” Swain said. “It would have to be like, a lot more controlled, a lot less spontaneous. But I think there is definitely that potential there.”

As for the star of the Josh Fight, viral sensation Little Josh, his father Josh Vinson Sr. wants to use this opportunity to help set his son up for future success.

“I want something more positive than just a feel-good story to come [from the Josh Fight] and actually get something out of this that he can have forever, like a college degree,” Vinson Sr. said.

The family has teamed up with Relentless Merch and Instagram artists @maca_licious and @magiclain to sell Little Josh-themed apparel including hats and shirts. They have also started a Little Josh college fund. $8 from each sale will go to Little Josh’s college fund.

Vinson sr. says he will be forever grateful for the impact Josh Swain has had on his family’s lives.

“I really appreciate that guy, because that guy is the one that is responsible for all this,” Vinson Sr. said. “That’s just one thing that I’m always going to be so thankful for. Him, Josh Swain.”

If you would like to purchase Little Josh apparel you can do so here. You can contribute to Little Josh’s college fund here.

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