Americans are Now Seeing “The Great Resignation”

More People Are Leaving Their Corporate Jobs To Become Their Own Boss

Lincoln, Neb. (KMTV)-People are re-calibrating their values in terms of what money means to them.  What time with family means to them, and what commuting means to them.  Because of that, many have a goal to become their own boss.

“Anybody who has the where with all and the drive and the ambition, the motivation, can find a way to start a business in this country. That matters so much, and I think that hope is what we really need right now, and that hope is what is going to drive the economy,” said Dennis Consorte a small business marketing consultant/

According to a survey conducted by, one-third of Americans who recently left their job are now becoming business owners.

“An ownership mentality is what is going to get us through this pandemic. Whether you have that mentality working for someone else, or you have that owning your own business. Having the mindset that you really own the work that you do, is so powerful compared to just feeling like someone who is being told what to do,” said Consorte.

Besides having some freedom, business owners have a sense of control.

“So many things are out of your control. If your boss decides to lay you off, or if the government says your industry is not essential and therefore you have no job, there is not much you can do about it. If you have your own business, at least you have some control,” said Consorte.

This rise in new businesses is causing people to get creative with the services they offer.

“There is a lot of innovation. Hard times make you more resilient,  and more creative. A lot of people will either get sunk by hard times, or they will be like how can we make this better? What can we do? Let’s find a solution. I love that attitude,” said Mandy Brummels Owner of Live Hydration Spa in Lincoln.

Mandy Brummles is the owner of a new business in Lincoln.  She left her corporate job to pursue being a business owner.

“All the congestion, and working for someone else’s goals, and working on their time card and everything. So I started an online business, and that gave me the income to leave that,” said Brummles.

She and her husband now own the successful Live Hydration Spa, which offers a variety of services to help clients feel better.  Live Hydration has been open for a little over a month and has already served over 400 clients.  They are excited to continue to expand and help more people.


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