Animal control: deer activity high this time of year

On Saturday, a deer ran through a Hy-Vee on north 27th St.

Lincoln Animal Control field supervisor Ofc. Scott Lowry said that’s not uncommon.  He said Lincoln has had deer in homes, churches and bars.

“We’ve had deer jump through plate glass windows into stores,” Lowry said.  “Deer are capable of all sorts of stuff and so this time of the year, they just tend to be kind of wild and they’re out running around.”

He said we’re just entering the peak season for deer activity because it’s mating season and harvest time, which are things that make the deer move around more.

“Typically in October, we’ll start to see a rise in the number of injured deer calls that we get and that usually peaks out in November,” Lowry said.

He said one of Lincoln’s most notorious areas is Superior St. between 27th and 48th streets, because that stretch of road has deer habitats one side and corn fields on the other.  He said deer typically get hit as they’re crossing the road to get between the two.

“You need to be very aware during dusk and dawn of your surroundings and keep an eye out for deer because that’s when they’re typically going to move.”

Lowry said if you think you’re about to hit a deer, just try to brake without swerving.  He said it’s better to hit a deer than to crash into another vehicle.

He also said if you see a deer in your neighborhood, leave it alone.  He said deer are more likely to run into buildings and damage vehicles when someone’s chasing them.

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