Artist turns classic children’s tales into fun raps

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CNN) — Why read your kids stories when you can rap them? During the pandemic, one Wisconsin artist did just that and now it’s taking off.

It all started when Wes Tank began posting videos of himself wrapping Dr. Seuss stories over Dr. Dre beats back in April.

“I just really wanted to do something that was unique and fun and gave people a little chuckle,” said Tank.

Quickly going viral, Tank and his producing partner Kurt Ravenwood were approached by the streaming service Kidoodle TV to start a new show, “StoryRap”.

Tank and Ravenwood are currently writing and animating children’s stories from scratch, hoping to spark creativity during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I feel like it’s just really inspiring that when you really feel like there’s nothing left you can turn to your passion projects and they will be there waiting and maybe they have a surprise for you,” said Tank.

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