Athletes and parents prepare for hot temps during football games

Across the state, high school football games are in full swing, in 100-degree temps in many areas.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Channel 8 asked young athletes what are their first concerns about playing sports in hot weather.

“Got to drink a lot of water, a lot of water also Just cramps so got to work those out too,” said Kade Seip, a high school football player.
“It’s definitely really hot, my makeup is sweating off,” said Priscilla Cilacabrales, a Parkview Christian cheerleader. “We have a bunch of water down there, so I know our coaches are very helpful with that.”

Across the state, high school football games are in full swing, in 100-degree temps in many areas.
Athletes and parents are all trying to stay cool. Some football games have been moved to later times to beat the heat.
Some parents say it’s important to hydrate at home well before the game.
One mom has three children in the heat and gives them watermelon to keep them hydrated.

“Well I’m glad it’s not me wearing the pads in the dark colors but just telling them to hydrate mostly, and be smart,” said Kate Ulrich. “But I know that they’ve been practicing in the heat all week long. I think they’re ready for it, I had the kids last night actually eat watermelon in preparation for being out here. We decided to cut up a watermelon and it’s just been hydrating them as best as we can.”

Coaches tell me they are paying close attention to any signs of dehydration.
With the heat index in the 100s, even the announcers are encouraging the crowds to drink water.

“The first week was a conditioning week, and the week before last, where you could come out and the kids you know can do an hour of conditioning type of thing,” said Coach Scott Amen. “We made sure we did that in the afternoon. It was hot. We give them lots of water breaks, take a break when they need to type of thing, but they also we tell them you got to grind through it, you know, it’s a hot sport, you’re outside, it’s gonna be hot.”

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