Attorney General going after Lincoln’s Pixi Chix

Posted By: Sarah Fili

The Attorney General in Nebraska is going after a Lincoln business, after hundreds of complaints.

Pixi Chix, known for making specialty embroidered clothing, had nearly 200 complaints filed against them according to the Attorney General’s office.

The Lincoln based retailer owned by Andrea Christensen did business under the name Pixi Chix and State 51.

In a court order filed by the Attorney General, the owner deceived, misled and caused financial harm to many Nebraskans. They also say she used licensed material without permission, like college and pro team logos.

One former employee of the business, Lisa French says the owner would take money for orders and never fill them- and the Attorney General’s office found hundreds of claims to support that.

The employee says Christensen didn’t pay her employees or her rent- however French says orders totaled nearly 1000 one month- equating to more than $100,000 dollars to the company.

We were unable to get a hold of Christensen for comment.

If found guilty she could face up to $2,000 in penalties for every count, according to the court report.

The Attorney General’s filing calls for an injunction and the office says they believe there are more victims, many in the Lincoln area.

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