Avoiding “tech neck”: a malady of the COVID workplace

As we spend more time in front of screens for work, we also open ourselves up to new aches and pains.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – World Health Day is April 7th, and one health problem that’s become increasingly common in our newly virtual workplaces is called “tech neck”. That’s the neck and shoulder pain that can oftentimes show up with increased phone and computer use.

FYZICAL Lincoln owner Erik Bjorkman has some tips to avoid the strain. For instance, try not to cradle your phone between your neck and shoulder. Try speakerphone, or a hands-free option instead.

Also, keep those screens at eye level. That goes for your phone and your computer. You don’t want to be craning your neck or hunching to get a good look at your work.

Stretches can help. Daily neck and shoulder stretches can assist in avoiding built-up tension.

If you mess up and do wind up with some pain, apply heat, and gently massage the area.


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