Bill that would create lake between Lincoln and Omaha moves forward

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The bill that would create a lake between Omaha and Lincoln advanced to the final round of debate Tuesday.

It passed 29-4 with several amendments added on. Eleven senators abstained, and five were absent.

Sen. Mike Hilgers of Lincoln, who introduced LB 1023, said the 4,000-acre lake would help bring tourism to the state and boost our local economy.

But the bill has previously been met with opposition from some senators.

Sen. Megan Hunt of Omaha said earlier this month that she’s suspicious of the cost, environmental impact to the water and method of the bill.

She said she doesn’t think that a lake is the answer to Nebraska’s struggles to recruit and retain talent.

“It’s not anything I’m hearing from my constituents,” Hunt said. “When I ask them how we attract and retain talent in Nebraska, I think we just need to champion issues that matter to young people, like legalizing cannabis, like raising the sub-minimum wage in Nebraska of $2.13 an hour.”

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