Bridges to Hope plans tiny home village for former inmates in Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A local organization wants to address housing obstacles for those who have been previously incarcerated.

Bridges to Hope is developing a tiny home village that will provide permanent housing for a total of 20 individuals or small families.

They will range from 200 square feet to 500 square feet. 

“One of the biggest obstacles that we found was housing,” Executive Director Rhonda Mattingly said. “When they’re released, it’s hard for them to find housing with a record.”

There will be a village council, which will decide who stays in the homes.

It will consist of residents, neighborhood members, Bridges to Hope representatives and possibly law enforcement. 

The project would be the first of its kind in Lincoln. There have been similar projects in other states and also in Omaha. 

The plan is to have those who are still incarcerated construct the tiny homes. 

Most of the materials for construction will come from donations.

Bridges of Hopes plans to build the village on city property near 27th Street and Leighton Avenue.

The City of Lincoln is ensuring that zoning, permits and safety measures meet all guidelines.  

A public hearing or the project at the City Council is scheduled next Monday.

A final vote on donating the property is expected on June 12.

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