Car-Deer Accidents Rising In Nebraska

It's the state of Nebraska vs. Deer and the deer are coming out on top. In fact deer-vehicle accidents are up 44% from only 5 years ago.

Deer and vehicle collisions are not just up in the Cornhusker state but State Farm Insurance data shows this increase is being seen across the U.S. . According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety there are around 1.5 million deer-vehicle collisions  a year causing more than 150 deaths and 1.1 billion dollars in property damage.

In Nebraska alone you have a 1 in 155 chance of having an accident with a deer in the next year. The state of Nebraska has reported 44% more deer vehicle collisions then it did 5 years ago.

Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner says drivers need to be extra aware during the times of sunset and sunrise.

He says, “People just need to be aware those are the time when deer are going to be active this is the time of year when deer are especially active if there going to be on a roadway with a tree line intercepts the roadway or a waterway those are the areas where deer normally travel.”

So here's some facts you should know to reduce your chances. Make sure you are aware of posted deer crossing signs, try and use high beam headlamps as much as possible, and deer ususally travel in hurds so if you see one there is good chance more will follow.

And if there is no way to avoid a vehicle deer collision Sheriff Wagner says do not swerve to miss the deer, that could cause you to lose control and makes matters worse.

If a collision is imminent you need to break as best you can, wear your seatbelt and brace for your impact. Also, these collisons are most frequent during deer migration and mating season which is October through December.

You should not rely on car-mounted deer whistles.

The release by State Farm said they simply don't work.