Americans flying into Omaha to be quarantined at Camp Ashland

Health officials have confirmed that Americans will be coming to Nebraska for quarantine at Camp Ashland. 

“We do need to be prepared for this virus to come to our shores, which it’s already starting to do and make sure that we’re ready to take care of those patients and do everything we can to blunt and try to prevent the spread of this through the population,” University of Nebraska Medical Center, Dr. Mark Rupp said. 

Taylor Wilson, a UNMC spokesman, said those people will arrive at Eppley Airfield in a remote and isolated aircraft parking area, and will not be inside the terminal. 

The arrival of the flight will have no impact on Omaha passengers, and flight operations at Eppley Airfield will remain normal and unaffected, Wilson said. 

The CDC said in a news release that several planes carrying passengers from Wuhan China will arrive in three states. These locations are Travis Air Force Base in Sacramento, CA,  Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, CA, Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX, and Eppley Airfield.

“They’re screened prior to embarkation from China, they’re potentially screened if they land here in the US for refueling, they’d be screened again the moment they arrive,” Dr. Rupp said. 

These planes will be met by a team of CDC personnel deployed there to assess the health of the passengers. The passengers have been screened, monitored and evaluated by medical and public health personnel every step of the way, including before takeoff and during the flight. CDC staff will conduct risk assessments to ensure the health of each traveler, including temperature checks and observing for respiratory symptoms.

These passengers will be issued quarantine orders upon arrival at their designated quarantine location. This legal order is intended to protect the travelers, their families, and the community.  This quarantine order will begin on the day the flight left Wuhan and will continue for up to 14 days. Medical care will be readily available at the first onset of symptoms, if needed.

“They’re transporting these quarantine patients, most of them are federal workers and contract workers and they’re coming in just to be quarantined, they’ve all been tested negative,” Ashland Assistant Fire Chief, Matthew Meyer said.

CDC will work with the state and local public health departments to transport any passenger exhibiting symptoms to a hospital for further evaluation.

CDC is committed to protecting the health and safety of Americans. We continue to believe the immediate risk of Coronavirus exposure to the general public is low, however, CDC is undertaking these measures to help keep that risk low. CDC is taking these measures to fully assess and care for these passengers to protect them, their loved ones, and their communities.

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