Celebration of Black history month at Lincoln’s Malone Community Center

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) –  A local community center celebrated Black History Month with an array of activities for Black Expo attendees.

Black art was on full display at the Black Expo inside the Malone Community Center.  Film exhibits, shopping and a special award ceremony for those who have contributed to the Lincoln community where just a few activities on the agenda.

Event organizer and program director, Ishma Yusaf Valenti shared why this expo is different from others black history month gatherings.

“We celebrate black history, and not in the way that so many people do in a repetitive way. Where every year for one month you do a little bit of Martin Luther King,” said Valenti.  “We do really important people form African history, and we always make sure that we’re celebrating the very best of our past, the very best of where we come from, and we like to spread that information to everyone.”

11-year-old Braeden Banks of Lincoln visited today’s Black Expo. He said he was excited to come with his grandmother to celebrate his culture and continue learning about his history.

“I wanted to look at artifacts of Black History Month because it’s almost the end of Black History Month. The music and the paintings look really beautiful,” said Banks.

The paintings Braeden’s talking about are from local artist Jevon Woods, he works out of a studio in Lincoln’s Haymarket.

He paints everything from prominent hip hop figures like slain rapper and activist Nipsey Hussle to the black power fist known for black pride and solidarity.

Event organizer Valenti wants everyone to know that the Malone Center offers various programs, and all are welcome.

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