Chlorine explosion sends Lincoln woman to hospital

By: Jenn Schanz 

Lincoln Fire and Rescue Crews were called to a home near 84th and Superior Friday morning, after an attempt to mix pool cleaning chemicals went wrong.

“The resident was mixing pool chemicals for their hot tub in their house. They mixed some powder with some water that wasn’t meant to be wet. When she put the lid on the container, the container exploded and blew chlorine powder all over her,” says Capt. Daren Merryman of Lincoln Fire and Rescue. 

According to officials, dangerous amounts of chlorine was exposed to the woman’s face and lungs. 

She was rushed to the hospital. LFR says she’s expected to recover, but that she suffered serious chemical burns. 

I spoke to the woman’s granddaughter off camera, she says she was asleep in the basement when she heard a scream, and called for help. She says her entire kitchen was covered in chlorine gas.

“We had pretty high readings inside the house that were dangerous to life and health,” Merryman says.

Rescue crews say the home had three times the normal level of chlorine in the air. They had to fan out the home before anyone could do back in. 

Although summer is winding down, they say you should always be cautious with pool chemicals.

“Definitely be sure to read the label directions on whatever kind of chemicals you’re using and follow the directions,” says Merryman.