City of Lincoln unveils plans for new housing development in northwest Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — The Lincoln City Council on Monday unveiled plans for a new development in northwest Lincoln. 

The plans include the construction of a multi-family apartment complex at the corner of Northwest 48th and Holdrege streets.  

Located near Northwest High School, the proposed complex will have 289 apartments, 20% of which will be affordable housing. 

In addition, the development includes the construction of a commercial pad with the hope that more businesses set up shops in the area. 

The project also considers public improvements such as replacing aging public utilities and paving sidewalks. 

Developers also hope to improve safety and security in the area by removing blighted and substandard conditions.

The total construction costs for the proposed NW 48th Redevelopment Area Plan are estimated to be $46 million, which includes approximately $9.6 million in public financing. 

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