Civic Nebraska provides safe space to discuss politics

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Election season can cause conflict between some people over individual beliefs.

Because of this Civic Nebraska set out to give Lincoln residents a space to feel like they are heard by hosting a Civic Saturday gathering.

The event also gave voters the opportunity to hear others’ opinions.

Director of Communication Steve Smith said the gathering helped remind people that they are stronger together.

“It’s about imagining doing something collectively that’s great and stepping away from the hyper-individualistic nature that Americans can often fall into,” he said.

The event was reminiscent of a religious service with songs and sermons given by members of the organization.

The message in each speech was the same: We are in this together.

“We all really do care about our collective future; we might just have a different way of arriving at that,” said Smith.

The theme of the gathering was ‘Dare Mighty Things,” something Smith would call on in his speech.

He said that he urged the audience to do mighty things, whatever they may be.

“I hope that everyone can leave here and make change in whatever way they hope,” he said.

After the sermon was concluded visitors were invited to stay and chat with those they met and also take advantage of the information provided by Civic Nebraska.


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